Wolf Maison gives this Irish pub a history-conscious makeover for trendy 6th Street

Setting the stage for full-service health care plus resort and spa pampering for your pet

Below Dental office uses residential touches and an airy feel to put patients at ease

Stone, stained concrete, and color create a vibrant space for eye care

Wolf Maison creates a new kitchen and patio arbor expansion for this private residence

Mr. Albert’s Mensworld has provided men’s clothing to Cleveland for over forty years

Wolf Maison triples square footage and unifies a professional dental campus

Wolf Maison studies renovation of school buildings into loft-style apartments

The Style Lounge fashion boutique rejuvenates their shop with Wolf Maison

An art collection drives the complete redesign of a 1,200 s.f. residence

Wolf Maison captures this home’s lakeside views in kitchen, living room and sitting areas

Research leads Wolf Maison in patio, fountain, green space, and lighting design

Shaker Heights serves as backdrop to 1,800 s.f. renovation of this residential suite

This extensive Pepper Pike home renovation features an English pub!

Wolf Maison matches style of existing Cleveland Heights home in renovation and addition with amazing millwork…

Wolf Maison matches style of existing Gates Mills home in renovation and addition

Assorted smaller commercial projects from the Wolf Maison portfolio

Wolf Maison opened this Connecticut home’s kitchen into a suite of living spaces…

Extensive custom casework that is warm and contemporary features a pass-through fireplace…

This airy office renovation empowers the region’s leading hospital advocate group…

Wolf Maison redesigns downtown offices of MidTown Cleveland to support their urban renewal efforts…

This private Cleveland residence features a freestanding spiral stair that wraps around custom seating.

This small residential makeover adds contemporary drama without the full-blown renovation budget.

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