Barley House

The Barley House is an Irish inspired restaurant & pub located on downtown Cleveland’s vibrant 6th street. Preserving the historic character of the street is critically important to the city development groups charged with oversight. Working closely with HGDC we developed a storefront design that introduced sensitivity proportioned operable doors that open the entire front facade to activity on the street. The existing tired and dated interior space needed to be completely removed. The single exception was an area of back bar that we were able to salvage and incorporate into one of the focal points, a fifty bar. One interesting move was the use of oversized beer graphics, resembling the patina of weathered paint, on the restaurants brick masonry walls. We also obtained a variance from the city to convert several adjacent parking spaces into an outdoor side patio and connected it to our front sidewalk café seating area. A second outdoor seating area was introduced at the rear of the building and features a bioethanol firebox, an operable covering, and gas heaters to extend the space’s usability.

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