Albert’s Cleveland

Mr. Albert’s Mensworld has provided men’s clothing and shoes to the Cleveland community for over forty years.  Originally located in the Collingwood neighborhood, the business relocated to downtown Cleveland’s Prospect Avenue in 1985. The owner purchased a four-story building (closer to the 4th Street District and the new Horseshoe Casino) with the intention of relocating his clothing store into a new space that could better reflected his personal and business ideas about retail space.

Our primary objectives for this long running renovation project have been to create a clean, modern, edgy storefront and interior space.  We are fortunate to have very literally traveled the world with this client in our process of assessing successful retail spaces together; Florence, Milan, NYC, and Las Vegas to date.

A brightly lit and open front display capped with an ornate metalwork signage wall will make up the street view. Inside a stark white room with custom and locally fabricated steel fixtures (Forty-Four Steel) and an interesting fabric ceiling plane will form the backdrop for Albert’s imported clothing and shoes.  The project is slated to begin construction in the spring of 2013 – this is the year.

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