Wolf Maison’s value is that we participate in a process that begins with fundamental architectural principles and concludes with a product that fulfills each client’s objectives. Matthew Wolf and David Maison earned their architecture degrees at the University of Cincinnati. They are licensed in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, and Iowa. They bring to the firm character, conscientiousness, and the technical ability to successfully manage any architectural assignment.

Matthew Wolf


Matthew Wolf was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a 1994 graduate of the College of Architecture, University of Cincinnati. His postgraduate experience includes: four years with Surber Barber Choate and Hertlein Architects, Inc. located in Atlanta, Georgia, partnering in a profitable furniture building business, Highland Furniture, and subsequent employment at Payto Architects in Cleveland. Matthew is interested in the rejuvenation of urban Cleveland while contributing to it’s preservation. Among Matthew’s current projects are those in Moreland Courts, which have showcased his strength in detail and use of quality materials. Matthew is a member of the Cleveland Historic Preservation Society.

David Maison


David is inspired by the strength and diversity of Cleveland’s neighborhoods, which are distinct in make-up and culture, each adding to the whole of the city.

David studied Architecture at the University of Cincinnati and has hobbied in furniture making and foundry casting in bronze and aluminum.

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